Integrity Assessment

Integrity is the biggest moral compass. While skills and intelligence can get you somewhere, it is integrity that navigates you away from wrong, misleading road signs. Gulf Expertise Bureau (GEB) is here to keep your company in good standing by making sure your operations are deep-rooted in integrity even in your absence.

The oil, gas, firefighting, and M.E.P. industry is already a hazardous industry, and its dangers can even be magnified when unethical behaviors take form in the workplace. GEB strives to create an environment free from misconduct by keeping our team centered on values that promote fairness and equality.

When we partner with any company, we do so in good faith that they are following strict work principles and legal protocols. More importantly, we protect our partners from any unforeseen operating conditions that may pose harm to the production staff or to other third parties.

How it Works

  • GEB takes pride in all our engineering experts, who continuously strive to protect oil and gas companies that place their trust in our team. We understand that project lifecycles can be extremely diverse and that there are always random factors that can hurt production.
  • Our expert team keeps this burden off your shoulder by conducting a comprehensive asset integrity assessment that aims to identify problems with mechanical integrity, along with the damage it can potentially bring about.



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