Power comes to business entities that continuously chase and receive real-world validation. Even on the brink of change, your oil, gas, firefighting, and M.E.P. services should be no less consistent and valuable. Gulf Expertise Bureau (GEB) is here to help you achieve revalidation, anytime, anywhere in Abu Dhabi.

The oil, gas, firefighting, and M.E.P. industry may continuously evolve, but one thing will always remain constant: the threats associated with running any production. Combine that with climate change and changing manufacturing costs and you'll see a seemingly unending challenge.

But even so, as the strong and competent company that you are, you can't let risks stop you from providing top-tier products and services your very promise to your consumers. And that's where GEB comes in.

Incorporating intelligent engineering solutions that help you maintain quality and accuracy throughout your project lifecycles, our expert team keeps revalidation the least of your concern by providing you all the tools you need to maintain an efficient and sustainable business. With GEB, you are always one step closer to achieving your goals.

How it Works

  • When left overlooked, even the tiniest flaw can bring a huge corporation down. GEB makes sure you won't suffer this fate by anchoring you towards safety and consistency through our in-depth revalidation services.
  • Our engineering experts are committed to providing you excellent support and audit services so you can keep up with industry standards and achieve the validation your company needs and deserves.

We do so by offering you these services:

  • Review and validation of NDT Test Reports
  • Review and validation of gas installation services, in line with the local authority requirements, rules & regulations, and internationally-recognized codes and standards.
  • Certificate of conformity

GEB takes care of the rigorous revalidation process so your business can keep running, expanding, and soaring higher.

Sectors We Serve